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B.A. in English

B.A. in Oriental Languages:

Chinese; Korean; and Japanese

B.A. in Thai

B.A. in Information Studies

B.A. in Children’s Literature

B.A. in Philosophy and Religion

B.Sc. in Psychology

B.Ed. in Thai

B.Ed. in English

B.A. in ASEAN Languages and Cultures

B.A. in Language for Careers:

Language for Digital Business;

Language for Hospitality

Management (with minor subjects in

Chinese, Japanese, or German)


B.A. in Language for Communication,

Double majors:

English - German;

English - French;

English - Mandarin Chinese 


M.A. in English

M.A. in Thai

M.A. in Developmental Psychology

Ph.D. in Thai:

Thai Language and Literature

Thai as a Foreign Language


Ph.D. in Language and Global

Communication | Learn more about this program | Please refer to the program website 


Current Students





Faculty & Staff

 Energize Humanities 

Assistant Professor Dr. Anchalee Jansem
Dean, Faculty of Humanities

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